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March 2018

Spilt Milk Festival, Canberra, 2017

Spilt Milk Festival, Canberra, 2017 1600 1000 Metaform

Split Milk wrapped up an epic 3 major events in November, had one day to turnaround between unpacking  from Strawberry Fields and packing and leaving for Spilt Milk in Canberra!  A pretty full on project, designing building and installing these sculptures for Spilt Milk Festival, but so happy with the outcome in the end. So  many challenges from designing them to hang from stage structures that hadn’t themselves been designed by the time I had to start building, to fitting several thousand individual sequins, which took nearly a week  on their own or being on tech support call for 12 hours of the event and then straight into packdown at midnight!  But a great response, worked flawlessly, looked fantastic at night.  Pretty crazy being in the middle of a crowd of 10,000 wildly excited 20 year olds trying to take photos, crazy good, but still crazy!

Strawberry Fields Festival, Tocumwal, 2017

Strawberry Fields Festival, Tocumwal, 2017 1920 1280 Metaform

Great to be back at Strawberry Fields, fabulous atmosphere, very hot, but so nice to be by the Murray river for swimming.  Made a sculptural lighting installation inspired by the cherry tree blossom festivities in Japan, I’ve made similar installations before for the fabulous Japanese restaurants, Wabi Sabi Garden and Wabi Sabi Salon.  In the restaurants they were rusty-steel tree-like forms with many hanging lanterns of Japanese silk with floral motifs.  At Strawberry Fields, we had to go to painted steel and heavier fabric for longevity.  About 10 meters across, 6m high, 36 lanterns plus footlights, designed to make a chilled sitting, meeting eating space.