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April 2020

Upstream Festival Wodonga 2020 – art project

Upstream Festival Wodonga 2020 – art project 1920 1280 Metaform

Upstream Festival – Flow States art installation

Over the Labour day long weekend in March, Nici Wright and I had a great trip up to Wodonga for the Upstream Festival jointly put on by Wodonga and Albury.  Our mission was to facilitate a community workshops and art installation, first with the wonderful kids of Wodonga Primary School and the next day, with many many members of the public.  The installation, Flow States, was inspired by the great Murray river, such an important feature that literally divides but also unites Albury and Wodonga.  The students and public were invited to create a river sculpture installation with hundreds of ‘droplets’ of coloured tissue paper.  Suspended from an overhead structure The Gantry (built from the centrals park’s railway heritage past) the droplets formed a meandering stream, and participants and the public alike submerged and wandered amongst the floating, swirling droplets…

The droplets have now gone on for a second life decorating the Wodonga Primary School art room and corridors.  

And while there, we installed Spherophyte on the grass next door for an eating and meeting place…