Kinetic Sculpture Commission – BMDH hospital – Sydney

Kinetic Sculpture Commission – BMDH hospital – Sydney 1920 1440 Metaform

Kinetic sculpture for Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospital (BMDH)

I’m very excited to announce that after working for much of last year on the design, that I am just about to start building a new permanent outdoor sculpture for the BMDH expansion in Sydney!  I was particularly glad to get to know and then collaborate closely with Leanne Tobin, a significant and accomplished artist of the Darug people  of the Blackmore and Mount Druitt region.

Together, we have designed a large kinetic sculpture that will be in constant, gentle meditative motion in an entrance courtyard for the hospital

Inspired by the local, iconic and majestic tree, the Sydney Red Gum or Angophera Costata, (photo above of it’s beautiful bark) we have called the  sculpture:

Djalgala Yarra, an arboreal meditation. (Djalgala Yarra translates to tree, embrace in the Darug Language).

more on the design to follow, here is a teaser screenshot of a detail, better go get started…

screenshot Djalgala Yarra

Land Art Generator Initiative – Castlemaine Workshop

Land Art Generator Initiative – Castlemaine Workshop 1080 621 Metaform

Re-Imaging Energy Workshop

Very excited to have been invited to take part in the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) workshop starting in Castlemaine this weekend.  Its going to be a great learning opportunity and hopefully we’ll come up with some great sculpture/renewable energy/placemaking ideas and get to know some interesting people!

From the program:

Re-imagining Castlemaine is an invited design workshop to bring forward ideas for an energy generating public artwork for a site in Castlemaine and is a part of the Regional Centre for Culture program of events. 

The project is a regional component of the Land Art Generator Initiative 2018 (LAGI), a global ideas competition for art and renewable energy hosted by the State of Victoria and focused on the St Kilda Triangle site in the City of Port Phillip.

The design process for the Castlemaine artwork will take a creative placemaking and community-oriented design approach while merging on-site renewable energy infrastructure with the landscape, the architecture, and with other environmental sustainability measures.

The Castlemaine workshop will also provide professional development opportunities to local artists, architects, designers and engineers interested in
employing energy technologies as the material for their work, and will point to pathways for innovation and experimentation in the delivery of public art.

Carbon Arts Workshop

Rainbow Serpent Arts and Culture Foundation – Beaufort sculpture

Rainbow Serpent Arts and Culture Foundation – Beaufort sculpture 1920 1080 Metaform

Rainbow Serpent Arts and Culture Foundation

Permanent Sculpture for Beaufort – Pick My Project

With a long association with the Rainbow Serpent Festival and much time spent in the local town, Beaufort, I’m delighted to be involved in the festival’s offshoot Arts and Culture Foundation and through it, designing and building a permanent sculpture for Beaufort.  The foundation has submitted a Pick My Project grant proposal for a transformational art program for Beaufort and the surrounding area with my sculpture as a landmark.  If you happen to feel like supporting the arts program of the festival, and the local towns, and the installation of my sculpture ;-), you can see more information and vote for the grant proposal here!

Rainbow Serpent Arts and Culture Foundation
Cradle - dusk

Artist in School Project, Rainbow P-12 School

Artist in School Project, Rainbow P-12 School 1920 1080 Metaform

Dangerous Art – Artist in School Project

For the last few weeks I’ve been heading off to Rainbow, a small-ish town in the Mallee in far Western Victoria to participate in an Artist in Schools project.  It feels quite remote, way out in the wheat belt, but its great to be in a different environment.  I was invited to be part of the project by the art teacher, Belinda Eckermann who led getting a grant from Creative Victoria to fund the project, with a view to creating some sort of kinetic sculpture with the year 9 and 10 students.

My original plan was to make some dangerous art concept excerpt below:

Art can be dangerous, it can challenge stereotypes, defy the status quo and as Banksy put it “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”.
Mechanical and kinetic art can be dangerous in a very real and literal way, fingers can be squashed, heads cracked, limbs entangled.
Life on a farm or in the bush or as a teenager in a country town can also be dangerous, skateboard or quad bike accidents, driving too fast, larking about with friends… I’m sure you can think of many more…
…we will find some objects, from our homes or junkyards or farms that have some connection to a dangerous or risky incident in our lives, and with these objects, make a series of kinetic sculptures that somehow tells or connects to stories of some of these dangerous moments of life in the country, of kids becoming adults…

Pleasingly, the students have got excited about an idea, not mine though,  so we’ve gone off on a tangent, it’ll still be dangerous, housed in an old gas tank cage at the Oasis, a transformed arts precinct in the town, but they wanted something beautiful, something to be proud of so it will be a garden scene, kinetic, built of old found farm and other objects, and other elements in progress.  Still got a month or two of building, can’t wait to see what the students come up with…

Photo above is of a student flower head experiment made with plough shares 

With thanks to Creative Learning Partnerships – A Victorian Government Initiative

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